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Adults Freestyle Martial Arts

                Philosophy encompasses the principle of “if it works, use it” and as such, contains elements of a variety of other martial arts. dragon_small

              (meaning “the best of everything in progression”) and its elements include, self defence moves, katas, and strike work. Although sofma is considered a form of karate, it also contains elements of Thai kickboxing where the student is taught to fight in a Thai kickboxing stance and to use all of its techniques.

             uses katas as a form of discipline during training and these katas have been selected for the aid in rudimentary development of stances and techniques.

i also places a large emphasis on grabs and holds and other general close combat techniques which make sofma suited to practical defence situations.
  sofma follows a distinct hierarchy, a philosophy and also the promotion of the ethical code of Bushido sofma schools place emphasis on self defence but do not promote fighting or violence.


White Belts Character development program – Basic defence against punches or being grabbed, pad work, full explanation of a fitness and flexibility program, legal ramifications of using Martial Arts, introduction to philosophy of Martial Arts.
Yellow Belts Basic defences against being kicked, plus punch defence drills and slight increase in fitness component.
Orange/Blue Belts Mixed punch and kick defence drills plus sparring practice in a controlled and safe atmosphere to facilitate learning and confidence. Also includes pad work, kickboxing drills.
Green Belts Introduction to foundation kata (theory), sparring, advanced kickboxing drills, pad work, multiple opponent defence, 8 angle attack defence, basic shoot wrestling (ground fighting).
Brown/black Belts Open hand sparring, ground fighting, advanced kata, reflex training and drill work for all requirements taught so far.



Monday      6:30pm - 7:30pm

Thursday    6:30pm - 7:30pm


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